QUALITY COMPOST = “product deriving from the composting of separately collected organic wastes, according to the requisites and the characteristics provided for in Annex 2 of Legislative decree 75/2010 and subsequent amendments”.
The quality mark is a Voluntary certification mark that allows the qualified producer to monitor the production and to enhance the quality of his/her product.
It also allows the customer to check the quality of the purchased product, under the profile of chemical-physical characteristics as well as under the production profile (accurate environment-friendly production techniques).

The quality mark is issued by the CIC, Italian Consortium of Composters.
The voluntary check program of quality composted soil conditioner is made up of a first phase for the product verification, on-site inspections of the plants and subsequently the construction of a Quality assurance system to check the process and the product.
During the maintenance phase, the mark includes a constant analytical control of the compost, that must comply to the limits established by the legislation on fertilisers (Legislative decree 75/2010 and as further amended and extended); it also includes a system to check the traceability/to track down the material (origin of the organic waste from which the compost is produced, identification of production lots, etc.).
Independent professionals trained by the CIC are periodically appointed to perform some sampling at the plants. The sampled material is analysed in laboratories accredited by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry Policy (MIPAAF).


Our certificates

» Environment certificate
» Quality certificate (expire date 2025)
» Safety certificate (expire date 2019)

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