Agronomic technical assistance

BIOFACTORY provides the agronomic technical assistance that is necessary for a rational management in the application fields of the material it produces: whether it is compost for agriculture or growing media for vegetable and fruit cultivation market.

The professionalism and the expertise of Qualified personnel, as well as the existence of a company Laboratory that is equipped with avant-garde tools, allow to perform agronomic and environmental chemical-physical analyses.

In the laboratory, we perform analyses of the fertile soil and the compilation of fertilising plans (see attachment) that are coherent and that respect the environment and the regulations in force (e.g. Nitrates Directive). It is possible to carry out the soil analyses before and after the compost spreading, as a guarantee, for the user, of the actual physical, chemical and biological improvement the product caused to the soil, as well as the maintaining of its wholesomeness.

BIOFACTORY compost quality is guaranteed by routine controls carried out by professional staff and by controls performed by third party laboratories on behalf of the CIC – Italian Consortium of Composters, that issues the Quality mark.

A quality compost must be characterised by: micro-biological stability, environmental quality and valuing agronomic properties.

The material stability consists in the reduction of putrescence: it can be verified in laboratory through the determining of the dynamic respiration index (IRD), of nitrogen evolutionary dynamic (ammoniacal nitrogen – ammoniacal nitrogen/nitric nitrogen), of carbon evolutionary dynamic (humidification process, volatile organic compounds, C/N), of pH evolutionary dynamic and through vegetation controls (germination and growing).

The environment quality is checked through the evaluation of the content of heavy metals, the presence of inert materials (glass, plastic, stones…) and pathogens (salmonella, faecal streptococci, enterobacteriaceae, nematodes, cestodes, trematodes), as it is required by the Legislative decree 75/2010.

The agronomic characteristics measured at BIOFACTORY laboratory concern: pH, salinity, content of organic matter, macro-nutrients (Ca, Mn, Mg, Fe, Bo…), total and active limestone, cation exchange capacity…

At BIOFACTORY laboratory, we perform the quality control of raw materials that are necessary for the production of growing media and the quality tests of professional growing media for the compilation of test reports.


Example of organic fertilisation in vineyard