Educational activities

We divulge the importance of the activity of waste recovery

With the aim of divulging the importance of the activity of the organic waste recovery and of the reuse of the product, BIOFACTORY organises educational visits at its plant and/or training days at schools.

The involved age brackets go from kindergarten to university.

During the visits at the plant we show the path that organic waste makes, from the arrival at the company up to the sale of the bulk product in agriculture and/or the mixing with other organic matrices and/or inert materials for the production of growing media.

During the training days at kindergartens, schools and universities, we try to explain how we work at BIOFACTORY composting plant, in order to obtain what usually occurs in nature, that is to say the humus creation undergrowth, through much longer timing. For a greater understanding, we put at disposal a video recorded at the company and some samples of finished material.

In both ways, we try to adapt the language, the approach modality and the level of detail according to the observer.

BIOFACTORY also collaborates with schools with the aim of finding detailed studies topics and educational modules to be developed over the school year and to be completed at the plant.